Meet The Fluffiest Cat in the World! Guess the Name!

Ragdolls are famous for their absolutely stunning fur. This is one of the reasons why this adorable buddy has such beautiful fur which makes him the fluffiest cat you might ever see.

Sky is an Instagram sensation for all the right reasons. His beauty is undeniable and it looks like you can almost feel his fluffiness through the photos. Sky has an adorable face even though sometimes it is quite hard to figure out where it’s located at in the big ball of fur. He has a strong resemblance of a cloud and his eyes are indeed as blue as the sky.

Sky is just like any other cat who loves to be lazy around the house and do his signature poses for his loyal fans.

Have you ever seen a cat as fluffy as Sky?

"When your BFF finally shows up." #throwbackvideoweek #skytheragdoll

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