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Holiday Dinner – 13 Dogs and a Cat Enjoy Food With Human Hands!

Freshpet is company that wants to make the best food for our pets. They believe that just like we eat fresh food so should out furry companions. In their quite inventive commercial 13 dogs and one cat have dinner and are eating their food with human hands.

Even though it might look a little bit disturbing the commercial in nevertheless very funny. All of the dogs and the host of the dinner party, which is of course the cat, have different personalities. Some of them are of course, more sloppy and eating their food than others.

However, every single one of them is really enjoying the food that is presented in front of them. With or without human hands, these adorable animals would definitely savor on every single bite of the fresh food anytime.

They are our companions after all and they do deserve to get the best and most nutritious food we can provide for them.

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