Is This the Funniest Dog Video Ever? The Owner Gave the Food to a Cat…

There are too many videos online about animals being funny, but believe me this one is the funniest dog video ever! Usually hilarious videos involve animals doing silly and stupid things around and with their humans, such as this one!

Funniest dog video tease talking owner food cat 2

Funniest Dog Video Shows Owner and Dog Talking to Each Other…

Instead of having a lazy day off or a lazy afternoon with his dog, this owner made a funny video with him. Using his own voice he made the dog look like he could talk. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a pet that could talk back at you? Your pet is always there to give you comfort and happiness, but imagine if they could talk?! So this genius, thought of a way to have a conversation with his dog.

To make it more interesting he made up conversation about food. Everybody’s favorite topic, right?! The dog’s favorite food is bacon, so his human dad was teasing him about having bacon. The dog thinking that his dad is about to treat him turned all hype and happy. But this wouldn’t be the funniest dog video if the dog didn’t get all disappointed at the end. He got disappointed because his dad told him that he got the best piece of bacon and gave it to the cat! Talk about disappointment, ha?!

What is worse, the bacon was topped with chicken and cheese, this dog’s best food in the world! Oh the agony… this dog feels so devastated and the way his expression matches the voice makes it hilarious!

The thing that makes this the funniest dog video is the fact that the synchronization between the voice and the dog’s reactions is impeccable. It is so realistic that one might even believe this dog can really talk. That’s how good it is!

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