Compilation: Funny Cats Steal the Spotlight on Football Matches!

Every now and then we see some animals entering the pitch on a football match. From squirrels, dogs, weasels to cats. They have all stolen the spotlight in the games in which they appear. In this video you can see the funny cats that probably made these matches even more memorable.

Funny Cats Football Matches Stop Interrupt Field Enter Steal Show cat 1

The Funny Cats Who Managed to Enter the Football Field!

It is a mystery how animals find their way around all the security and staff and enter the football field. Football matches, especially the ones with the very popular teams have a large number of security. That hasn’t stopped these funny cats to enter the field.

The first match in which this happened is a game between Real Betis vs. Getafe which was paused because a grey cat entered the field and just ran around. The second one is Everton vs. Dag & Red where a black and white cat was giving them a hard time trying to catch her.

Then we have the Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray where a cat is just strolling around the pitch as if she owns the place. In the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, what looks like a feral cat is going to give them a really hard time running around the field. It seems like she was enjoying the attention she was getting and she didn’t want to be caught.

In the last but not the least Barcelona vs. Elche, a black cat enters the field and simply doesn’t plan on leaving. For a good while the staff and some players were trying to catch her, but she doesn’t give up so easily.

Whenever the cats have entered a pitch they have for sure stolen the spotlight and put all the football players in shade. I’m pretty sure everyone that witnessed these matches was not talking about the game as much as they talked about the cats. It is rather uncommon to see an animal on the field and when it happens that animal is going to enjoy his couple of minutes of fame.

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