10 Funny & Cute Dog Haircuts – Still Better Than Yours!

Let’s be honest. We all want to be indulged and to indulge ourselves. Why should our dogs be left out?! Since we live in a world where Kim Kardashian is famous and respected (dunno why still) and Victoria Beckham is a designer (one of the biggest mysteries on the planet), then why the hell shouldn’t our dogs get cute dog haircuts? Get your doggy dog the fanciest of them all, put ‘em a ribbon or two or make a ponytail out of that cute little furry mess. Nevertheless, I had a blast just looking at these 10 babies I am about to present you. Sit still!

Cool and cute dog haircuts. Try not to laugh and feel miserable about your life.

1. In today’s episode of “In a parallel universe” or the official “Cute dog haircuts” I give ya – Miss Merry Poppins. Don’t you just wanna give her your children to take care of and make a strawberry jam all day long?

funny cute dog haircuts 4

2. This is probably the dog of the up and coming star of “My sweet 16” show. I love the haircut. I seriously do. I wish I looked this good.

funny cute dog haircuts 1

3. This is Charles the Monarch.

Someone saw him loose on the street and called 911, cause the guy/girl thought it was a lion. A genius, genius man. To cut this fella a slack, when I first saw Charlie I imagined the scene with the cops trying to get Simba off of the streets and “The circle of life” going in the background.

funny cute dog haircuts 3

4. It’s not Paris Hilton, it a dooog! Hats off to its hairdresser, I want this guy’s number!

funny cute dog haircuts 2

5. Saruman, your Maltese is on the loose! No dog shall pass beyond his watch. Sorry Gandalf.

funny cute dog haircuts 10I wish my hair was as majestic as this!

6. Next on cute dog haircuts we have Ozzy Osbourne’s dog here. From what I see, he really is paranoid. As is its owner.

funny cute dog haircuts 5

7. It’s little Miss Sunshine. You have to admit it, she looks cute. And disturbed.

funny cute dog haircuts 6

8. Who’s the prettiest girl in the whole wide world?! Yes, you are. She just loves her pigtails and her itzy-bitsy hat from where I am standing.

funny cute dog haircuts 7

9. She’s a living proof that caterpillars do get outta their cocoons and turn into butterflies. Or that her groomer really knows what he/she’s doing.

funny cute dog haircuts 9

10. Hello? Sir Paul McCartney?! I am terribly sorry to disturb your tea time, but we have your son over here. Care to take him?!

funny cute dog haircuts 8

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