Funny Raccoon Believes He’s a CAT! Look What He Does!

There is a saying going ‘’you are who you believe you are’’, or in this case, ‘’you are what you eat’’ and this funny raccoon is eating cat food! The video shows how alley cats are being fed and the raccoon joins in!

funny raccoon eats cat food thinks street feral 2

This Funny Raccoon Is One of the Street Cats…

The video doesn’t show whether the person feeding the street cats is leaving food for the raccoon intentionally or he is surprised as well. The fun fact is that the raccoon is eating and he doesn’t care if the food is for him or not. He is enjoying the meal and is not even looking at the other cats around him trying to get some of the food. There are two piles of cat food at one end of the parking lot and the raccoon is enjoying both of them. On the opposite side there is another pile of cat food, but on this one a cat is enjoying it.

All of the sudden a big black cat approaches to the second pile of the raccoon, but it seems scared to get closer. The raccoon is not reacting at all but continues to eat. The black cat hesitates whether to get some of the food or not, but eventually chooses to move on onto the other side of the parking lot. Once the black cat approaches the other cat, she hisses on her and gets away, wondering if she could go back to the raccoon and try again. She gets back to the raccoon, but he is eating peacefully and doesn’t even care for the other cat that is trying to approach the food.

The black cat along with another grey cat are now just watching from the distance and feeling helpless about getting something to eat from this funny raccoon. This raccoon seems to be the boss of this parking lot!

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