Gentle Senior Cat Does Her Best to Not Hurt the Newborn Kittens!

It seems like cats and humans have a lot more in common than we think. When it comes to babies, we both know that we need to be very cautious. This gentle senior cat knows exactly how she can play with these newborn babies.

Dido is a very smart kitty which knows that she can’t just play with these kittens however she likes. Even though she is in her full play mode, she makes sure that she is not hurting the little babies. She jumps on the counter and starts moving around. When she touches them, she does it in the most gentle way ever. The beautiful and sweet white kitty looks absolutely adorable wiggling her body.

The ginger kittens don’t really pay attention to her, but she continues doing it regardless. Unfortunately until they are big enough, she will have to mostly play by herself.

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