This Cute Ginger Cat Loves the Electric Toothbrush! Look What She Does With It!

Cats love to be scratched and pet. In the search for the perfect item for petting this ginger cat has revealed what the secret use of an electric toothbrush is.

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Ginger Cat Gets a Full Face Massage With an Electric Toothbrush!

Who has the time to go to a spa center to get a massage when you can achieve the same effect in the bathroom? This ginger cat know all it takes to get a wonderful face massage.

The cat seems to know how use all the inventory from the bathroom properly. The sink is obviously supposed to be used as a comfy bed. Where she can relax and nap while you wonder where you should wash your face.

The item this cat in particular loves is the electric toothbrush. As soon as her owner grabs the brush and turns it on the cat’s eyes seem to light up. She doesn’t care about the sink anymore and immediately gets up to get close to the electric toothbrush. She begins to rub her face on the brush and from the expressions on her face you can see that she is absolutely loving it.

Right after he stops and turns the toothbrush off the cat only gets closer to him asking for more. After a little while of more rubs around the whiskers, the cheeks, the neck, and the forehead her owner will stop one more time. That doesn’t mean he can though. The cat will jump on him and sit on his shoulder just so she can get a little bit more for that lovely electric toothbrush massage.

When he decides to turn it off and put it back in place, the cat is just going back to her favourite spot, the sink. Good luck with washing your face or brushing your teeth if your cat loves the bathroom as much as the ginger cat does.

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