Cuteness Overload: Ginger Cat Sings Along to Her Human’s Lullaby

We love spoiling our cats and giving them royal treatment. This human treats her cat so well that she even sings her a lullaby before falling asleep.

Babies are apparently not the only ones who enjoy lullabies when they are trying to fall asleep. Kittens as well might like listening to their humans singing for them. After all, they are our little furry babies and we would do anything to make them feel good.

It seemed like her kitty was about to fall asleep, but she couldn’t resist not to sing along to the adorable lullaby. It was pretty tough for her to even keep her eyes open when she heard her human sing. It looks like she got hypnotized by the song and was completely ready to doze off.

It is clear that his kitty is getting all the love she possibly can from her human mommy.

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