Ginger Kitten Fearlessly Dives Into the Water and Starts Swimming!

Bringing your young pets to the beach, or to the mountains (in case they have never seen snow before) or to another place may be tricky. That is, of course, because you would not know their reaction and you would base your expectations on the stereotypes. But, this unbelievably cute ginger kitten breaks the stereotype that all the cats don’t like water.

The parent brought this kitten on the beach and after entering into the water, he called the kitten to join him. The kitten was reluctant at first. The kitten’s attention was distracted by the dog that played with the kitten. However, after some time of calling the kitten has finally decided to listen to her parent and join him in the water. She has without any hesitation entered the water and bravely swam towards her parent. She didn’t stop there!

The ginger kitten without the help of her hooman, swam back to the beach! This myth-breaker shows that cats can really enjoy playing in the water!

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