This Gorgeous Lynx Purrs Like a Kitty! That Sound…

We all know that Lynx are big wild cats which can be really intimidating. In this video you will witness a beautiful Lynx purrs just like a kitten.

One thing you need to keep in mind tho is that these cats are not supposed to be domesticated nor kept as pets. They belong in the wild where they can follow their natural instincts and hunt their prey.

It is every cat lover’s dream to pet or at least touch one of the big cats. This video is definitely not going to make that desire go away. The lovely Lynx called Max seems to quite enjoy getting some head and body scratches. He was born in a zoo in 2011, and since then he has been humanized, but not domesticated. Max is the most popular Canadian Lynx ambassador that reminds people that his family and roots are being threatened.

This video is not taken at anybody’s home. Professional veterinarians take care of this big endangered baby and they provided him with an indoor and outdoor housing.

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