After Adopting a Lovely Gray Kitten, Mommy Finds a Secret Message on His Tag!

Jared Forsyth had an amazing surprise prepared for his girlfriend Kat. They decided to adopt a lovely gray kitten and Kat was asked to participate in an adoption video.

Jared’s mom helps to find foster home for cats and Gandalf was one of those kittens. They decided to visit their local SPCA, but what Kat thought was going to be a normal adoption, turned into a big surprise.

Jared had it all figured out beforehand and the filming of the adoption video was not a coincidence. When Kat finally had Gandalf in her arms, the owner of the SPCA asked her to look at his tag. This left Kat completely speechless and as soon as she saw it, Jared came out and proposed.

Now besides being happy that Gandalf became a part of their home, they have one more reason to celebrate, since Kat said yes.

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