Guinness World Record Holder! Meet Maru – the Most Watched Cat on YouTube!

So far probably everyone has already heard of Maru, the most watched cat on YouTube.

Maru lives in Japan and is a nine year-old Scottish Fold who absolutely adores boxes. When a video of Maru jumping into very small cardboard boxes was uploaded, it went viral. Thanks to this ability, Maru is now one of the most popular cats in the world.

His owner was a bit scared of how much popularity his cat was gaining. However, as soon as he saw all the positive reactions from the viewers in the comment sections he felt more at ease. They still have the same daily routine where Maru wakes his owner up at 7am in order to have breakfast and then play and take his afternoon naps.

Mary is currently holding the World Guinness record for the most viewed animal on YouTube.

Do you enjoy Maru’s videos?

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