WOW! This Guy Built a Dragon Cardboard Cat House for His Khaleesi!

Guys, times as we once know them, have changed. These are the times when we have to keep up with the Kardashians, idolize talking puppies and pray to corporate Gods. Valhala is their destination, I say my friends. But, nonetheless, we are all gathered here today, to talk about the wonderful event of guy Sam building a cardboard cat house in the honor of his still alive cat Danni.

And it’s not even a house. It’s a castle. Elsa, you can let it finally go now. Show’s over.

The Mastery of Building a Cardboard Cat House for Your Pet!

Sam says he’s a creative guy. Let’s say we believe him. What’s certain, is that he’s got a lotta time on his hands and he definitely loves his furry scartchball Danni, so he decided to build him a cardboard cat house. It’s a freaking mansion hold together by hot glue and it’s entirely made of cardboard.

The tower is a complex composition, not just some cardboards glued together. The whole thing is movable, i.e it has moving parts , so the cat can have as much fun as possible. The tower has drawers for Danni’s toys, sliding windows and ramps and planks that can be removed or pulled out, so the fun has no stop. Danni, of course is a huge fan of the project.

He walks up and down all they long, exploring the mysteries of his very own cardboard tower. It’s a real cardboard masterpiece, indeed.

Sam has it presented in all details on his webpage amongst his other projects. If you are interested in building cardboard mansions for your furry princes and princesses you can check it out. The video below also shows how the mansion functions, and the balconies where Danni can greet her people.

Bored Panda

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