Guy Saves Kitten Stuck in a Deep Pipe and Gets the Most Adorable Thank You!

After hearing some loud cries, a guy saves kitten from a dark ventilation pipe near his house.

As soon as he heard the meows, he decided to investigate. When he finally found out where the noise was coming from, he saw that a little kitten was stuck inside a pipe. It was really deep and there was no way the kitten can get out of it by herself.

The man grabbed a piece of material that the kitten was able to hold onto in order to get rescued. Slowly he was pulling the material together with the kitty out of the pipe. Luckily he was able to get her out of the horrible place and in return he received a lot of love. Together with her sister, the two calico kittens jumped into his lap. They clearly wanted to cuddle and there was no better way to show their gratitude.

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