The 54 Hemingway House Cats Are SAFE After Irma! Salute To Their SAVIOR!

It is wonderful to know that all of the 54 Hemingway House cats survived the hurricane Irma and are perfectly fine and safe.

Hurricane Irma Hemingway House Cats Safe 6 toes 54 1

The 6-toed Hemingway House Cats Can Continue Roaming Around the Museum as Usual!

The caretaker of the Hemingway House Museum in Key West didn’t want to leave the property and wanted to stay at the house and take care of the cats. The writer’s granddaughter Mariel Hemingway begged Jacqui Sands to evacuate the house. The 72 year-old caretaker refused and decided to stay with all of the cats and 9 more occupants. She didn’t want to transport the cats because of the traffic and really hot weather. The house has previously survived hurricanes so the executive director Dave Gonzales believed that everything would be fine and luckily it was.

The Hemingway House was Hemigway’s home from 1931 to 1940. This was not only the home of Hemingway it was the home of Snow White as well. Snow White was a cat that was given to Hemingway by Captain Stanely Dexter in 1928. What was very special about this cat is the fact that it had six toes. Now some of the cats that inhabit the island are believed to be related to it. One of the interesting facts about Hemingway and his cats is that liked to name them after famous contemporaries.

The lovely house from 1851 managed to continue standing tall after the hurricane keeping all the occupants safe. It didn’t suffer any major damage and the only things that were in a bad condition were trees that have been torn down around the estate. Unlike other parts where there was severe flooding the Key West was lucky enough not to be flooded.

We are very happy to hear that all the Hemingway house cats are safe and they will be able to run the museum just like they used to.

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