Meet the Hermitage Cats – Also Known as the Guardians of the Art in This Museum!

There are a lot of things art lovers can find in Hermitage, but there is a precious thing that animal lovers can find. Cats! And these are not just any kind of cats; these are the cats that are famous for being totally intolerant towards rodents. I am talking about the Hermitage cats, that have been loyally defending the museum palace from the mice, since a Russian princess decided that well-trained cats should be installed in the museum and take care of it.

Hermitage Cats Museum Russia Guardians Art Saint Petersburg 2

And animal lovers do not judge before you read the whole text. These cats’ rights are not broken, but, on the contrary! Their rights are respected more than yours!

Hermitage Cats- Spoiled More Than You Are!

These cats have their own kitchen in the museum where a special food is prepared for each of them. Yes, yes, for each of the about 70-something cats! As the cooks say every cat has its own preference, so this regal creature is always obeyed to. Mice caught in the museum are just a reward! Believe it or not these cats have 3 caretakers, and……waiiiit for it…… they have their own press secretary and even a whole department! In Hermitage there are more people working for the cats than there are people living in Mongolia. That is how you treat an animal!

You Want an Hermitage Cat – You Get an Hermitage Cat!

Unlike the pictures and other art exhibits in the museum you cannot get or acquire, you definitely can adopt an Hermitage cat if you solemnly swear you will take a better care of it than the museum does.

Since 2001 a CatFest has been organized by the museum where there is a paint contest, so you have the Hermitage cats act as models (better than Victoria secret ones) and there are also games organized for the kids to spend them with the cats. So, cat lovers, don’t thank me for this enlightening information, but go and get a high class cat!

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