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Hero Cat Saves a Puppy Getting Attacked by Vicious Dog!

Michella Franklin thought that she was going to spend a peaceful Saturday in her home, when the horrible incident happened. She wasn’t able to help her dog while it was viciously attacked by the neighboring dog, but someone else was. During the attack, her hero cat saves her best friend.

The neighboring dog popped up in Michella’s yard and charged at Bailey in the garage. She had no idea where the owner of the dog is and she tried to pull the dogs apart. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. The family cat Mocha though, had a perfect plan. She decided to show up and distract the vicious dog.

Michelle believes that if it weren’t for Mocha, Bailey wouldn’t be alive. Their dog is really lucky to have such a good feline friend by his side, that would do anything in order to help.

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