Hilarious Cat Door Fail! Man Spent a Whole Hour for This!

Sometimes it looks like we underestimate how smart cats can be. Our felines know their ways around the house and they’re not always going to accept the changes, even if they are in their favor. Just like installing a cat door should help your cat get in or out of the house with ease.

The man in the video wanted to make things less complicated for his cat, but Philo doesn’t want things to be simple. The cat parent spent a whole hour working on installing the door, but his buddy doesn’t seem to be happy with the ending result.

Instead of using the cat door the long-haired Siamese decided to go inside the house opening the actual door. If you are wondering, no she didn’t ask for any help.

Do you think your cat would easily get used to a cat door?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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