Hilarious Talking Kitty Cat Gets Grounded Forever!

Steve Cash with his videos shows his audience what it’s like to live with his cats and all the type of mischief they get themselves into. Sylvester is the star of the Talking Kitty Cat channel and in this particular video he gets grounded forever.

You might wonder what did the poor cat do in order to get grounded from wet food. Well, Sylvester hasn’t been very honest with his human and let the other cat named Gibbyson outside. Now Steve needs to deal with Gibbyson’s obsession to go outside.

Sylvester doesn’t want to admit that he did something wrong and keeps lying to his human. However, it turns out he doesn’t really get grounded forever. Luckily it was his birthday so he got a delicious wet food cake to celebrate it with.

Isn’t this hilarious?

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