Adorable Himalayan Kitty Makes Weird Noises When Asking for Food!

Our cats can be pretty vocal when they are hungry. They love their treats and they will make sure that we know that they want to eat. This Himalayan kitty knows exactly how to get her human’s attention when she is hungry.

The little baby was rejected by her mother and her humans were the ones who raised her. They bottle-fed the kitty round the clock making sure that she is strong and healthy. However, the interesting thing about her were her cries whenever she asked for food. She would make really loud noises resembling a goat. There is no way that her humans could possibly not notice that she is hungry. Don’t be fooled by her appearance though. She might be small and cute, but she definitely knows exactly what she wants.

As soon as he starts drinking on her milk, she calms down savoring every single drop of milk.

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