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Homeless Dog Nurses and Helps an Abandoned Little Kitten Survive!

In Anderson County, South Carolina a dog was barking for days and someone decided to contact Anderson animal control. The officer Michelle Smith found a homeless dog at the bottom of a ravine taking care of a little kitten.

The two cuties were taken to the Anderson county P.A.W.S. and remained together. Luckily for the kitten her new mother was lactating and she was able to nurse her. Because of the “pseudo-pregnancy”, the Shih Tzu managed to save the kitten’s life.

Michelle Smith believed that the dog could easily get out of the ravine, but was unable to do it with the kitten. That’s why the dog named Goldie stayed with the little baby and did her best to keep Kate alive. They were adopted and now live in a happy and forever home receiving lots of love from their new family.

Isn’t this just amazing?

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