Hosico Is the Real Puss in Boots! He Breaks the Cute-O-Meter, Right?

Hosico is one of the most adorable cats you will ever come across on the Internet. For those that have seen Shrek, you will immediately notice the resemblance between him and Puss in boots. His photos have been shared on Instagram and thanks to his gorgeous looks he has gained a lot of popularity.

Hosico is not a fan of unknown people and places. He just likes the things to be the way he knows they are. If there is any small change even in the placement of things in his home, he gets surprised.

Another interesting fact about this beauty is the fact that he loves to play with new toys. His interest in things wears off fast and he always wants to find new things to play with.

Doesn’t he look just like Puss in boots with his big and beautiful eyes?

If your answer is yes, then spread the word with your fellow cat lovers.

Photo Credits: Bored Panda

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