Hurricane Harvey: The Most Touching Animal Rescue Stories! Here is HOW YOU CAN HELP!

It will be a long, devastating aftermath with Hurricane Harvey and things are not looking bright. Animal lovers from all parts of the country are asking how they can help animals that were left behind in the rain and storm. There is an estimate of hundreds, even thousands of animals which were stranded and misplaced from the storm and the saddest part is that many of them were simply left behind.

Hurricane Harvey a Category 4 Hurricane Showed No Mercy to Anyone…

Texas areas were severely struck by floods and heavy rains and animals just like humans were not spared at all. The National Weather service officials described the condition as never seen before and the worst they have experienced. Reports were coming from all over the flooded areas of how people were trying to help other people. But, photos and reports of animals left behind, unattended and unsecured were as well coming from the areas. And those were not a pretty sight; those were not hopeful and comforting.

Driven by Katrina, the Texas lawmakers passed H.R. 3858. This is an Act for Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards of 2006 (PETS Act) in hope that this act will prevent the devastating results of that hurricane. This PETS Act authorized FEMA to provide rescue, aid and shelter for house pets and their owners.

How You Can Help?

#1 SPCA of Texas – is ready to intake 300 animals affected by the Hurricane. They are desperately seeking volunteers/families that will take animals to foster in order to free up space in the shelter so more animals will be rescued and taken care of.

#2 Austin Pets alive – is an animal shelter and a non-kill pet group; they seek assistance to help rescue pets that are affected by the Hurricane. They have also created a webpage which contains needs related to the Hurricane.

#3 HSUS Animal rescue team – this is a natural disaster response team. They need more equipment, rescue vehicles and volunteers. At the moment they are working from Corpus Christi to Texas City to San Antonio.

If you are willing to help a pet, please mind this – shelters were overcrowded even before the Hurricane. Please foster! If you are not able to foster than consider making donation of water, pet food, crates, or money to shelters by the Hurricane.

Animal Rescue Stories…

There are several videos circling around the net showing foster families and how animals that are stranded being rescued.

1. Pickels is a foster kitty that was left by its owner and taken by the neighbors for shelter.

The video shows how this sweet black and orange cat is getting comfortable with the owner of the foster house and finds warmth on his head while both of them are asleep. Hurricane Harvey may scare everybody, but hasn’t let this kitty lose its way of showing love to his human foster.

2. The family meows you hooman!

Solidarity and humanity caught in the act while citizens help the rescue party save a full cage of soaked cats. The cats were all wet and scared and their meows were a heart breaking sound. But they were taken to the shelter where they will be shown care.

Cats Rescued From Houston Area Home

Cats rescued from Houston-area home as citizens across Texas step in to assist emergency crews with rescues

Posted by ABC News on Monday, August 28, 2017

3.Sheriff Brian Hawthorne gave an order, “Don’t STOP Helping until every animal is out of the shelter!”

The last video of the big Hurricane Harvey’s mischief is about dogs being rescued with an airboat sent by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office. The video was made as proof that dogs are being rescued from an affected shelter and that the volunteers won’t stop until they get every last dog out of the shelter to safety.

It is a long way to go and do the final aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but we have to stay strong and help everyone that needs help around us even if that means to a little helpless kitten. After all, life is what matters, not loss.

Chambers County Sheriff Saving Animals from Flooded Shelter

WatchdogMary asked the Chambers County Sheriff's Office for proof his department was helping rescue animals left at a shelter that was flooding after the hurricane. Sheriff Brian Hawthorne spoke with me three times tonight. Hawthorne said he sent an airboat to the facility outside Houston in Hankamer, Texas to save the animals. He sent me this video moments ago. Hawthorne said he told his officers, "Don't stop helping until every dog and cat is out of the shelter."#texas #hurricane #flood #chamberscounty #hankamer

Posted by WatchdogMary on Monday, August 28, 2017


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