The Modern Phenomenon Called Vitiligo Pets!

Pets, huh? Even the thought of them makes our hearts warm, our stomachs a little bit less tense and our imaginary tail begins to wag like we don’t care. The same goes for all pets I suppose, but I’m a little bit of a dog enthusiast. But, that’s just me. Nonetheless, we all have our breath-taking, heart-wrenching story of how we met our furry buddies. Some of us rescued them from the streets, where they wondered sick, all soaking from the rain with their sad eyes looking all hopeful in the distance. And there we were, modern heroes, taking them from the cruel hand of destiny into our warm homes. Or maybe you bought yours. No judgments, you are also an ok person, I guess 🙂 But as humans, they also have their days. Days when they don’t listen to us, when they take the food from our plates, when they rip off our brand new shoes and also days when they will get sick.

Harsh, but true. I, recently discovered that pets can also develop this strange malady called vitiligo. Yup, it has the same symptoms like those of the famous top model, with the exception that our poor furry babies didn’t get fame and a stack of cash out of it. They just remain the ordinary vitiligo pets, no money, no Halls of Fame.

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The illness is still not completely understood as well as its causes, so pet doctors lay the blame to genetics, of course. The immune system may produce certain antibodies that damage the melanin, which gives the skin its color.

Vitiligo Pets Are Real!

Dogs are more prone to this vicious depigmentation. Dog breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dachshunds, Belgian Tervuren or English Sheepdogs are more likely to become our vitiligo pets. However, the most famous of them all is Rowdy the dog – a 14 year old Labrador.

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Stress, neurological factors, exposure to toxins are also triggers of vitiligo in pets. The main symptom of vitiligo is pigment loss in the skin and fur. In some cases only some parts of the body will depigment and in others the entire skin.

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However, the case of vitiligo in pets is extremely rare, so no need for panicking and urgent calls to the vet if your dog loses a hair or two. Vitiligo is an illness, but a completely harmless one. Your dog’s health will not be affected at all; it will just have cute white spots on its body. But that’s just gonna make him/her even more special.

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Featured image credits: Senior Scrappy & White Eyed Rowdy

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