This Extremely Impatient Dog Did Not Stop Honking on the Parking Lot!

In this short story, a real-life story, we are going to share an experience of a parent having a rather impatient dog. If you do not believe us, see this hilarious video of the impatient dog that does not stop honking the horn on the car. As you can see, this video even made it to be broadcast on TV!

The parent of the dog has clearly gone to the shop for a quick buy, but quick is not acceptable for this wonderful black and white dog. It is either now, or I am going to burn this horn until you appear! Diamond, as the dog is called, honks and barks at the parent and he doesn’t even care that he is being filmed!

Way to go Diamond! You made the day of the anchors that couldn’t stop laughing on air, and honestly, you’ve also made our day, we are laughing our heads off!

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