Playing Rough… Jaguar and Dog Become Inseparable Friends!

In the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa a dog and a jaguar became really inseparable best friends.

When the beautiful jaguar known as Jag came to the lodge he desperately needed some company. The facility owner Leila became his human mother. However, Jag needed someone to be by his side at all times. Luckily Leila knew someone would love to make a new friend.

The Jack Russell named Bullet was introduced to Jag and the two hit it off right away. They began spending all of the time together. They love to eat, sleep and probably most of all play together.

The two were separated only once. As Jag was growing, he needed to get his own enclosure. Nevertheless, both animals simply couldn’t stand being apart. Only after one day they were brought back together. Ever since, this adorable and dynamic duo has been melting hearts.

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