Junky Cat Breaks Into a Pet Shop To Get Her Catnip Fix!

This isn’t your regular cat story. This is a story of a cat criminal. Stay tuned and read some more of how a cat breaks into a pet shop in order to get its catnip fix.

Junky Cat Breaks Pet Shop Catnip 3

Cat Breaks Down on Catnip!

What happens after a cat breaks into a pet store by itself? A video that will go viral is made. The cat actually accidentally walked into the pet store. What it found in the store though, it was all it could have ever wished for. The people that found the cat on the other hand decided to record the cat being in absolute ecstasy.

In the Dutch pet store the cat is rolling in the catnip toys and having the time of its life. Pushing the toys to the ground and not caring at all if anyone is looking. Luckily for the kitten its owner will show up and it won’t have to rely on it’s distorted senses trying to find it’s way home.

Catnip: The Cat Opium

Catnip is a plant that contains nepetalactone. This compound is considered to a feline attractant. Not every single cat will react to the oil that comes from this mint plant. Around 8 out of 10 cats will react to it. It is believed that the reaction that the cats get from the catnip is similar to cats in heat. The plant affects parts of the brain that controls the appetite, hunting and their sexual behavior.

Catnip is a harmless herb that doesn’t develop in an addiction for the cats. The effect of the plant lasts for around 10 minutes and for half an hour afterwards the cat is immune to it.

One of the best benefits humans have from catnip is that it can be used as an insect repellent. Grab yourself some catnip to keep the cockroaches and mosquitoes away.


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