Instant Karma: Cat Caught Stealing Cookies Only to Be Robbed Right Away!

We all know that cats are very intelligent creatures and this definitely helps them get almost anything they want. This cat got caught stealing cookies from a jar, but unfortunately her plan didn’t go as well as she expected.

She managed to get her paws into the cookie jar and after struggling for a bit she was finally able to get one out. However, her mission was almost successful. When she was prepared to flee from the crime scene, she accidentally dropped her cookie. She probably didn’t think that this was going to be a problem, but the family dog decided to step in.

The poor kitty was left without a treat since the dog snatched the cookie from her. As soon as it fell from her mouth, the dog charged forward and took her cookie away.

Hopefully she got one from her humans. After all, she struggled quite a bit just to get the cookie out.

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