VIDEO PROOF: The Kea Parrot Owns the Most Infectious Laugh in the World!

One of the things that the Kea parrot is very well-known for is their absolutely hilarious play call. Those that have heard of these birds have for sure heard their laugh.

Their play call, which strongly resembles a laugh, is highly infectious. Not only to us humans because it is really funny, but also to fellow kea parrots. Researchers have proved that regardless if it is an adult or a juvenile Kea parrot, if they hear the play call they will as well engage in playful behavior. After hearing their laugh, we definitely can’t blame them. It is a real challenge to hear it and to try not to burst into laughter.

Kea Parrot – New Zealand’s Alpine Treasure!

The Kea parrot is the only parrot that resides in the mountains, above the snowline. They reside in the alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand. These parrots are very curious and smart creatures. Their intelligence and their strongest tool, which is their beak, help them survive in the mountains.

One of the things they like to use their beaks for is damaging people’s cars and other possessions. Their desire to explore is making them reach for things they most definitely shouldn’t. Whoever goes skiing in the mountains should beware of these creatures. Their beaks are hooked and it helps them reach and tear apart anything they set their eyes on. You might as well say goodbye to the window frames of your car if they decide to go for it. This powerful tool they have enables them to tackle their prey and their enemies. No one wants to mess with a parrot that has both the brains and the tool for destruction or at least we wouldn’t.

At the end of the day though, who can possibly get mad at them after hearing their hysterical laugh?


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