After Being Kidnapped & Starved These Adorable Baby Otters Finally Enjoy a Lovely Meal!

Otters are one of those animals that are usually super cute no matter what they do. These two baby otters have an amazing reaction when feeding time comes and we just can’t get enough of it.

The little babies were taken by animal traffickers, but were luckily saved on time. Now they live in a shelter were they are well taken care of. There are no longer moments in which they are starved nor abused.

In the video you will be able to witness just how cute the little otters are when lunchtime comes. They follow the keeper making high-pitched noises looking really excited. They are fed with cat food mixed with some milk and they are loving it.

The cuties are going to stay at the rescue center for around 3 months before getting released in the wild.

Aren’t they adorable?

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