Kind Dog Nurses Kitten That Someone Dumped in the Trash!

Random acts of cruelty towards animals are unfortunately not a surprise anymore. It is devastating that kittens are very often just left to die, because of an irresponsible human. In this story a dog nurses kitten, which was found dumped in the trash.

When Georgia Spathoula was taking out the trash, she came upon a really repellent sight. After opening the trash can in front of her house in Greece, she noticed a newborn kitten shoved in a tied plastic bag. The poor kitten was meowing, hoping that someone will take it out of the bag.

Luckily for the little baby, Spathuola knew exactly who to turn to in order to help the kitten. She took it to the neighbor’s dog who was already a mom. She didn’t mind nursing the kitten at all and was calm and still all throughout.

Isn’t this mommy really kind?

Let us know what you would have done in the comments below.

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