Extremely Small Kitten Is Shocked by the Experience Called the First Bath!

Cats do not like water, and they like even less having baths. Therefore, the first bath of this little kitten is rather awkward and stressful moment. The poor thing looks like it does not know what is happening around him. It is constantly analyzing the surrounding seeing inside and outside the bathtub.

At the end, understandably, he makes efforts to get out of the water. Unfortunately, this try is not successful because it is slippery. After his parents put him down further in the water, the cat starts splashing with its paws and it seems like it is swimming. In panic.

The all wet little cutie tries so hard to get out of the water that at one point that he firmly grips the hand of the parent and does not want to get away from it. At the end it starts meowing for help. The little cutie will eventually understand that everything is fine, but water will remain a mortal enemy for him.

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