Kitty Enzo Falls Asleep In Parent’s Hand! I Dare You Not to Fall in Love!

Watching this cute kitty Enzo will make all your troubles disappear….

Kitty Enzo Falls Asleep owner palm hand relax love cute cat 2

Life can be so stressful. Most of the shelters around the country are using so many slogans in order more and more kitties to get adopted. One of their sincere slogan is that cats can get you stress free. This is medically proven, there are researches made on this topic and – Yes, cats can reduce blood pressure and your daily stress. So if you come back home feeling stressed out from work nothing beats being met at the door by your furry friend.

This kitty Enzo is already part of a household, but there is something about him that makes you calm. I am not even going to describe how cute this fur ball is, or how he makes your heart melt just by looking at him and little less holding him in your hands. He is a teeny- tiny, furry cutie that you just want to cuddle and never let go.

Guess what – on this video he sleeps! Yes, he is not doing anything, not purring, or jumping or chasing with the other kittens, this little kitty Enzo is sleeping. Worry –free, deep asleep, dozing away in his momma’s hands.

Ahhhhhh… just looking at him makes you doze off as well. Watching him sleeping so carelessly and easy it gives you the feeling as well that you too can let go once in a while. Just through back your head lift up your feet and let it go, worries never end but life is too short!

This kitty Enzo is just a little example but a strong one to remind you that we need to enjoy life more often and celebrate it and not worry and stress all the time. How funny is that, little kitty Enzo reminding you to live your life to the fullest?!

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