Kitty Gives Her Human Neck Kisses and Now We Want Some as Well!

Our feline companions mostly love interacting with humans. Being affectionate with them definitely goes a long way. Even though cats are considered to be independent, the truth is they still are very cuddly and sweet. This little kitty gives her human dad lots of kisses, showing him just how much she likes him.

Kitties might not interpret our kisses the same way as humans do, but they for sure know that it is a sign of love. When they give us little smooches, it basically means the same thing. They show you that they love you and also they probably think that you taste pretty good.

The kitty from this video is simply showering her human with kisses. She started to learn how to interact with him and she is definitely off to a good start. Honey probably still has a lot to learn, but from what we can see she is one smart little kitty.

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