Get Inside the Kitty Temple – the Home of the Cat Gods!

Visiting a kitty temple was not an unusual thing to do in the past.

Kitty Temple Home of the Cat Gods Japan Monks Gotanjoji 2

We all know that cats were treated as royals 4000 years ago by the Pharaones in Egypt. They were considered to be sacred and a good luck charm for everyone who owned a cat. But, back in those days only the true royals were allowed to have cats in their homes the common folks weren’t. The cats were considered to be sacred because they were getting rid of the pests and the diseases they brought. So as a sign of gratitude, Kitty temples were built.

Kitty Temple Home of the Cat Gods Japan Monks Gotanjoji 1

Visiting a Modern Kitty Temple!

This story, for a modern Kitty Temple doesn’t take place in Egypt, but in Japan. This kitty shrine is the amazing Gotanjoji Temple a place where monks and cats live in a perfect harmony. You can say this is the kitty heaven. The cats are not really considered to be Gods here, but they sure are treated as ones.

The cats here, and we are talking about a vast number of them, are not just taken care of, they are not just being fed, the monks are playing with them, praying games with them and spending most of the time with them. Both, cats and monks are enjoying each other’s company and the tourists are witnessing that every time they go and visit the temple.

The tourists are so amazed by the cats; they even bring food for them and pet them as a lucky charm or just for the belief that they will bring them good luck, they can even buy a little cat fortune – for good luck that is. Now, these cats are not supposed to catch the rats or other vermin, like back to 4000 years ago since there are none, so, yes they are living the life of Gods in this kitty temple.

Kitty Temple Home of the Cat Gods Japan Monks Gotanjoji 3

Outside the Temple…

As for the rest of Japan, there is a big number of stray cats that are not as lucky to live in this kitty temple and they are abounded and starving on the streets of Japan, so Naoto Matsumura a representative from the Guardian of the abounded animals of Fukushima is raising awareness for mandatory spaying and neutering to cut down the number of these unfortunate cats. He states that it is of great importance for people to realize the need as soon as possible for this action. The positive result would be less abounded animals on the streets starving.

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