This Lazy Cat Is Too Relaxed to Move a Muscle! Just Look What She Does!

Call it a lazy Monday or a lazy afternoon, but this lazy cat has it good. Cats are well known for leading and having the pure leisure life, so this video isn’t surprising anyone. This white chubby cat is having the time for her own and does not bother herself with anything or anyone around her.

Lazy Cat Playing Toy Relax Muscle Owner 1

Lazy Cat Too Relaxed to Care About Everyday Life…

The video is taken by the owner of the chubby, white cat and he seems to have fun. The cat is lying down on the carpet and playing with her toy. The toy involves a hollow circle and a ball circling around it. The cat’s only effort, if we can call it that way, is pushing the ball away when it gets near her and wait for it to get back so she can push it again. There is a point where the ball is not pushed hard enough and the ball can’t make the whole circle and returns back to its route. At that very point the cat tries to reach it, but very lame. It seems like she doesn’t even try, well she doesn’t, at least not hard enough!

Watching the video and listening to the owner while he is filming and laughing, one would think that maybe the cat will react in some way! Well, think again! The cat doesn’t move a muscle. She is so concentrated on doing nothing, actually pushing the ball around the toy, that she seems not to notice her human dad.

Cat’s life is hard, apparently, so this cat is making it easy for her and relaxing for most of the day. This ‘’exercise’’ of hers won’t do her much good, but sure enough gave me a good laugh and the rest of the world! If you also find this funny, share the post with your friends!

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