The Most Hilarious Litter Box Commercial Is Back With Catspiracy Part 2!

We have all seen ourselves rolling on the floor and losing breath from laughing after watching the most hilarious litter box commercial ever made. Well, that masterpiece is back with Catspiracy part 2, and believe me, the company has outperformed the first one.

The adorable cats are again convinced that hoomans make profit with their feces and that’s why they invented ScoopFree. This poop harvesting machine is actually a hi-tech self-cleaning litter box that extricates you from doing the dirty job and saves you a lot of time. However, cats still think that the machine collects their magical turds so that we can sell them afterwards. Just watch the video and laugh your way to 6 pack abs!

*If you are interested in buying ScoopFree, you can get it via Amazon.

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