As Every Girl, This Little Kitten Loves Men With Beard!

Men with beards are gorgeous! Even this tiny adorable kitten loves a man with a beard. Maybe from a different reason though. Mackenzie, the little kitten, was found homeless and alone by her parent, a nice guy with a beard. He found the kitten in his shop and took her under his protection.

But, when he puts the kitten on his chest, right under his beard, the kitty goes crazy. Mackenzie performs a full and thorough inspection of his face. She starts with the ears, goes up and down, but then she focuses on his beard and nothing else matters.

The way she grooms her fur off his beard is the cutest thing ever! But she goes even further. She literally dives into his beard with her small face. However, the cat’s reason for being so much in love with the guy’s beard may be completely unrelated to general attractiveness. She maybe just looks for a nipple and in this search she slightly bites her parent. So cute!

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