Little Kitten Romeo Was Considered Too Ugly for Adoption, but He Managed to Find His Home!

The little kitten Romeo from Spain was the only one from his litter who couldn’t find a forever home. Nobody wanted him because of his looks. They simply considered him to be too ugly to become a part of their family.

The only ones who didn’t mind his looks were the people from the Santuario Compasion Animal rescue center. After finding out about his sad story, the shelter immediately adopted the kitty. They knew that the little fellow deserves love and happiness just like any other cat.

His deformity didn’t bother them at all. Even with his nose misshapen and his eyes wide apart, they still find Romeo adorable and one of the sweetest cats they’ve ever met. He loves to spend time with the other animals at the shelter and brings them comfort and support. He is no longer a little kitten, but he has remained as loving and caring towards everyone as ever.

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