After Losing Her Babies, Cat Becomes a Mom to Orphaned Kitty!

Ember is a rescue cat from the Atlanta Humane Society. She was completely devastated after losing all of her babies. However, she got a new purpose in life when an orphaned kitty was brought to the shelter.

Flame really needed a mom and the staff from the shelter knew exactly who could help him out. Ember was grieving after her loss, but she was more than prepared to become Flame’s mother. She immediately accepted the ginger kitten and gave him all the love that he needed. Ember fell in love with the little cutie and started snuggling with him right away. She enjoyed grooming him and even encouraged him to feed.

The two kitties were taken to a foster home where Ember takes care of Flame as if he was her own. They were really lucky to find each other in their time of need.

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