Lost Kitten Thanks Her Savior, a Brazilian Cyclist, with Lots of Kisses!

There are a lot of stories and reports about lost kittens or stray ones that get in trouble or worst, get killed, since they are usually too young to take care for themselves. If there is no one to help them immediately then it is no happy end for them. Fortunately, today we can witness one amazing story about a lost kitten and her savior.

Viitor Fonseca Found the Lost Kitten While Biking

A Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca had a wonderful story to share and he did, on Facebook with his friends. He was training one day and while riding his bike he noticed a stray kitten that he thought that it needed help. It turned out that it did need help, since it was too young to be left on its own. He wanted to help the lost kitten but there was nowhere he could place it. So he placed it inside his shirt. The cyclist thought that it would claw him once it would find itself inside tight, closed space. However, the opposite happened.

Lost Kitten Brazilian Cyclist Viitor Fonseca Cat Save rescue 2

The little kitten was obviously happy and satisfied to be in a warm and safe place, and pleased to be in the company of this kind person that didn’t look away and saved a life. Through the entire ride the little kitten was playing and cuddling with the cyclist. He was surprised and very happy that it turned that way. At the end Viitor said that he was pleased that he found and took the kitten and saved him since he knew that if it was to be left alone it would probably be dead in few days. The video he shared shows the happy kitten giving hugs and kisses to his rescuer during the long ride.

Fonseca managed to find the lost kitten a loving family that adopted him but they are still friends, and Fonseca stated that this is something that he will never forget.

Lost Kitten Brazilian Cyclist Viitor Fonseca Cat Save rescue 3

Bored Panda

Olha ele ai ??❤??

Posted by Viitor Fonseca on Sunday, May 14, 2017

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