The Loudest Purring Cat Breaks the Guinness World Record!

There are Guinness world records for pretty much everything including a loudest purring cat. To have your cat as a Guinness world record holder must be quite the accomplishment.

Meet the Loudest Purring Cat in the World!

The loudest purring domestic cat is called Merlin. He is a rescue cat that has been adopted by Tracy Westwood. He lives in Torquay, Devon United Kingdom. Merlin used to be just another happy domestic 13 year-old cat that lives with his loving and caring family. One day his owner realized that he is set up to achieve great things.

loudest purring cat breaks Guinness world record 2

His owner has complained that his purring is very loud and sometimes she even needs to repeat herself. She also claimed that she can hear him when she is blow-drying her hair. No wonder he is the loudest purring cat. The previous loudest cat was also from the United Kingdom and was registered in 2011 at 67,7 decibels.

Merlin’s owner Tracy, decided to contact the local news being pretty confident that her cat can break the world record. The staff from The Guinness World Records visited her house soon after and they recorded his new world record. The recording was done with the microphone one meter away from the ground and it picked up his record of 67.8 decibels. It wasn’t much of a difference, but was good enough to become a Guinness world record holder.

Purring is one of those things that make us love out cats even more. It makes us feel good to have them in our arms and listen to them purr with pleasure and seeing them absolutely relaxed. No one knows for sure why they purr, but we all know that it is sign of happiness and content and that is all we want our cats to be.

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