Louisiana Cat Rescued After it Gets Trapped in a Garage Door!

An unfortunate Louisiana cat managed to get trapped in a garage door. Luckily a hero came to her rescue. The event took place on December 29, 2016. The owner was shocked when he came home only to find his cat hanging from the closed garage door and people trying to rescue her.

The Louisiana Cat Rescue!

Louisiana cat rescued trapped garage door 1

Deputy Mike Scott from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office got into action after receiving a call for assistance. In his 34 years of working he has never had to deal with anything similar to it. A Louisiana cat was trapped between a garage door of a house and the wall.

All the neighbours and construction workers that were in the area were already trying to help. With the joined effort from everyone they managed to remove the upper frame molding. This created some space and they were able to safely remove the cat.

The only words that the owner of the cat managed to say after they removed the cat was “Oh my god, Bella”. Coming home to find your cat in such a situation is definitely not easy. They checked her for injuries and she had none to everyone’s relief. He left the house to buy lumber for repairs when the whole incident happened. He thinks that she must have been sleeping on the garage door and he didn’t notice it.

The Hero!

Louisiana cat rescued trapped garage door 2

Deputy Mike Scott said that he is not much of a cat lover. Regardless of that no animal should suffer according to him and we completely agree. He worked for the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office as a captain, but retired in 2011. Instead of captain after being retired for two years he comes back to work as a part-time deputy.

He is happy with what he does currently and would love to be able to assist in a lot more situations like this one.

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