Lovely Kitten Enjoys Playing Baby Games With Her Hooman!

There is really no difference between a kitten and a baby! They eat the same food, they are too small, too adorable and some of them are extremely playful. The lovely kitten featuring this video is simply irresistible! I do not even want her to grow up, so that I would watch new videos of her playing baby games!

This kitten, big as a palm, is a real stress reliever. Even though she is really just a few months old, she really is very sociable for her age. She is so fluffy, playing tickling with her parent and she moves her paws in an enchanting way. I could watch this video, or play like this with her for days.

She plays tickles with her parent! First, the kitten is being tickled and she moves her paws away in the same moment when the parent moves her fingers away! And their movements are so coordinated and identical it’s perfection! Maybe it’s because of the sounds the parent makes.

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