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Mama Cat Introduces Her Kittens to a German Shepherd! Now Watch the Dog…

The mama cat in this video and the lovely German Shepherd have clearly been good buddies for quite some time. She had to share her greatest happiness with her best friend.

Taking his size into consideration his reaction to the tiny little baby kittens is quite surprising. First of all he looks absolutely blown away and confused. Trying to get close to them, but not really knowing how to approach them. When he finally collects the courage to do so it doesn’t go so well. He gets absolutely frightened by a two week-old kitten that can’t even walk yet.

His reaction is absolutely adorable and unexpected. The kittens alongside their mama will have the German Shepherd to protect them as well and hopefully he doesn’t get startled from everything so easily.

Do your pets get scared easily? Make sure to share this post and your experience.

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