Infinitely Adorable – Mama Cat Squeezes Her Baby in Her Arms!

Mothers, regardless of the species and types, will always be mothers! Protective, loving, supporting and sometimes a bit crazy! This mama cat is crazy in love with her baby kitten, she protects the little even in her dream! Watch this heart-melting video of mother and daughter felines sleeping hugged together!

As you will see in the video the cat and her little kitten are already sleeping in a hugged position. More precisely, the mother wrapped the front paws around her little baby. But, the baby suddenly starts moving the paws in an agitated way; maybe it has been dreaming something bad, something awful! A dog maybe?!

But, mother is always here to protect her dearest! She squeezes the kitten even tighter and brings him closer to her. The baby calms down. It now makes the faces that are signs of someone who have fallen deep asleep. They sleep squeezed together, their faces touching, their hearts beating in the same rhythm.

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