Mama Cat Talks to Her Kittens in the Sweetest Way Possible!

The video we present today featuring little kittens and their mother. It is more than clear that the mama cat talks to her children. Yes, that strange, emotional and loud sound is actually the mother having a conversation with her children. While talking to her kids, the mother, Miyu, cleans them, licks them, watches over them and feeds them. She does everything that a real mother is supposed to do.

We are very well aware that what she says will remain a mystery to us, but, nevertheless, you may find her purr very helpful. On several occasions this purr has saved lives. Once, when played on the phone, the purr attracted small kittens to come closer to the food and to be rescued in that way. Otherwise, they were unreachable.

On the other occasion a stuck cat was saved with the sound of the purr. So when in trouble, use this mama’s advice!

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