Man Found a Frozen Cat on His Porch with a Twitching Paw!

Winter can be really cruel when it comes to stray animals. They can rarely find a shelter where they can try to warm up when the temperatures drop below 0. During one of these really cold winter days in February 2015 a man found a frozen cat on his porch.

He wasn’t sure if the cat was alive, but luckily her paw was slightly twitching and he immediately got her inside. Elsa got a warm bath, but it definitely wasn’t enough for the kitty to get completely warmed up. The man then wrapped her up in warm towels and gave her some warm milk. At this point, Elsa was starting to get better, but it took her around 6 hours to get back up on her feet.

Luck was definitely on Elsa’s side and she managed to find a really sweet and loving family. The frozen kitty will never feel cold again.

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