He Found the Tiniest Kittens Ever & Raised Them Into Gorgeous Cats!

The Reddit user RedArremerAce heard some noises coming from under the house during the night. The next day the same thing happened so together with his roommate they decided to investigate what the noise was. Little did he know that he would find the tiniest kittens left alone.

His roommate took the kittens out from under the house and brought them inside. When they finally fed them with some milk, the kittens stopped crying.

Having them around when he was going through a very hard period in his life helped him out a lot. They kept him busy and fulfilled and gave him so much love. He named them Inky and Sue and they have grown quite a lot since the day he found them. Now they are beautiful adult cats which love to spend time with their human dad.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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